Adding security to Zen Cart – password protecting your directories
Posted on 02/03/2010 in eCommerce, Zen Cart

One of the quickest ways of stepping up the security of your Zen Cart is to add another login – prior to logging into the administration area. While this may seem tedious, once you have set it up, you can get your computer to remember this login, so you don’t have to enter the details each time.

Here is how to go about doing this… [but please view Caution at the end].

1. Log into your cPanel, and under the Security heading you will find a ‘Password Protect Directories’ folder. Click on this folder.

Password Protect Directories Folder

2. You will find the File Manager Directory Selection Dialogue opens up. You need to select the Web Root here and then click on Go.
Select Web Root Directory

3. This will then take you to the Security Settings. Tick the Password protect this directory box, and then name this directory. Something like ‘Zen Cart Administration Account’ will work.
Applying security settings and users

4. You next need to create a user for this account. Create a username and password – the system will guide you about how to do this. Make sure you write the username and password down in a safe place. You may wish to create a separate login for your developer.

5. Once this is done, the next time you go to you will be prompted to enter this username and password. Only after you enter this, you will see the normal admin login screen. Congratulations – you have made a big step to make your site more secure.

Caution: While this is a relatively simple process, it is possible that after doing this you will get an error message which will require a coder to review (in some cases where htaccess files are set up a particular way). For this reason we do not recommend doing this on a weekend, or when technical support is not available. For this reason also, WebCare offer to do the whole process and troubleshoot any issues for $45 incl gst)


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