Web Design Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our web development services in two key areas:


1. Your Website Design

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the design we produce for your site. How can we do this? Because we keep designing until you approve a design. Initially, we produce two concepts based on the design brief you provide us with. You then review those concepts and provide feedback on what needs to be changed. If you don’t like either concept (which rarely happens!), we will design another concept based on your feedback. We then keep on modifying a concept (or creating a new one if necessary) in accordance with your feedback until you approve a concept.

Once a concept is approved, we will start building your website. At that point, design changes become very difficult and so will usually be at an additional cost.

Please note: our design guarantee requires that you give accurate, complete (i.e. flag all issues for modification at once) and timely (within 7 days) feedback on concepts and revisions presented to you. Please refer to our Website Development Service Agreement for more information on this Guarantee.


2. Our Development Work

We proudly guarantee all our web development work. If something we build doesn’t work in that same environment, we will fix it without charge for 60 days after we complete our work on the site! This gives you peace of mind – if you find something isn’t quite working as it should, just let us know and we will fix it for you (within scope)!

Please refer to our Website Development Service Agreement for more information on this Guarantee.


Open Source Software

We regularly use open source software, such as Moodle, Joomla or Zen Cart, to build websites because it offers great value and excellent functionality. If we had to custom code these sites from scratch, the cost would be in the tens of thousands of dollars!
However, all off the shelf software, including open source software, has bugs. Just think about any Microsoft product!

We always build with the latest stable version of Moodle, Joomla, Zen Cart or any other open source package to work with. We do not update the software once we have started building if a new patch or version is released (as this cost cannot be absorbed by our fixed price structure).
We cannot guarantee that any off the shelf software that we use will be bug-free.

WebCare’s guarantee relates to bugs or issues with our work, and not with the software. We install the software and customise it to suit your requirements, and we will fix any problems related to our own work.

As you can imagine, WebCare is not able to fix software bugs free of charge, unless that software was built by us (so if we have custom coded your site, then of course that work will be guaranteed and any problems in our work will be fixed under our guarantee).
Open source software (and its various plug ins and extensions) was not developed by us and is not owned or controlled by us. We are also not able to know every bug within an existing version of software, and whether a fix has been posted for it on the community forums or not. This, of course, changes all the time. A stable, reportedly bug free version one day, can subsequently have a number of bugs identified and a new version released the following day.

Depending on the need for a particular fix, you can wait for a fix to be posted on the forums or a new version to be released, or you can ask us for a quote to fix it for you if the issue is critical. You many then wish to post the fix back to the forums (and release it back to the community to help others with a similar issue).


Maintenance Package

If you are interested in having security patches applied to your website and regular backups of your site in the event of disaster, then our Maintenance package could be for you!
It includes copy of website on CD at commencement (which we mail to you so you have a hard copy of the site at that particular point in time), daily backups of your website and database, security patches applied as they are released and security monitoring (including password rotation to reduce the chances of your site being hacked). Minimum 3 month contract, monthly price is: $195 (ex GST).

If you have any questions about our maintenance package, our Guarantee or using open source software on your web design project, then please call us to discuss.