We Are Green

WebCare Solutions is 100% Green!

CarbonNeutralWebCare Solutions is an environmentally and socially responsible business. We run on 100% Green Power (and are licensed to use the GreenPower logo) and all our carbon emissions are offset. We are 100% carbon neutral. We do not use our cars to commute to an artificially heated and lit office. We all tele-commute. It is a far more efficient way of doing business and it helps the environment at the same time.

We offset all our carbon emissions by buying carbon credits at Easy Being Green. We have a monthly subscription that makes sure that we are totally carbon neutral. We recycle our paper, use recycled toilet paper, have our own water supply, recycle our printer cartridges and have low energy globes in our lights. We are far from perfect (e.g. we use (semi) big screen monitors) but we are trying. 🙂

In addition to being environmentally responsible, we also strive to be socially responsible. We support a range of charities including micro-finance organisations such as Opportunity International and Kiva. We love these organisations because they give people in developing countries the opportunity to provide for themselves and their family, by providing small loans to enable them to start or develop their own business. They pay back the loan over time and that money is then lent to someone else. Brilliant! We will be adding one new small loan to our Kiva portfolio every fortnight – look us up on Kiva and see how we are going!