AAPT: Tell it like it is!
Posted on 06/07/2007 in Biz's We Love

I love AAPT. Really!  I have been with Telstra, Optus, DingoBlue, OneTel, Dodo (my worst telco experience EVER!), Vodafone and now AAPT for the past two years – and they really are that good. We use AAPT for landlines and broadband and used to use them for mobile, but have just recently shifted to Virgin Mobile’s Bean Counter plan (which is fabulous too – 10c calls, 10c text and a winner of a Money Award 2007). But why do we love AAPT?

  1. No contracts! I hate being forced to sign up to a deal for 12 or 24 months – especially when i am not purchasing hardware. Why do i have to sign a contract? Who knows what my requirements will be in six months time or what better deals will be around. If their deal really is that good, why do they need to lock you in??
  2. No connection or joining fees!  You only pay for the service – there are no other hidden transfer or connection fees.  So, if you try it for a month and then find a better deal – you haven’t lost a cent – you have just paid for what you’ve used.
  3. Free ADSL modem! If you have your landline with AAPT, they give you a free broadband modem with your internet connection – and still no contract! Beautiful! Many other suppliers will charge you $129 plus joining fee – particularly when you are not on a contract.
  4. Great rates!  The land line plans have really good cap deals (eg $29 with $50 of calls, or $49 with $100 of calls or $149 with $500 worth of calls) and you get $10 discount on your broadband if you bundle your land line with them. We are on a 1500k plan with 15GB of download for $49 per month.
  5. Great service!  In the two years we have been with them, AAPT has provided brilliant service on at least 10 occasions (even when they didn’t have to – such as when we were having problems with our wireless broadband which was nothing to do with them!) and stuffed up once (which they finally got right on the next phone call). And their call centre is in Australia! In my experience of Telcos – this level of service is amazing!
  6. No contracts!  Did I mention this already?  This really is such an important feature. How many people tell you about their crappy phone plan and then tell you that they are stuck for another X months?  No contract is such a liberation! if you try it and don’t like it – move!

So, if you are looking for a better phone deal – it may well be worth your while checking out what AAPT has to offer.

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