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Moodle Learning Management System

If you want to provide your clients and students with a full-service virtual learning environment that is student-centred and easy to use for you and your staff then the Moodle Learning Management System is your best choice.

WebCare Solutions is your expert Moodle web designer in Australia. We will provide you with a full Moodle site for only $2390. (See a our price list.) The WebCare team have more than 15 years experience in adult learning environments in Australia - including at university, TAFE and commercial RTOs. We offer Moodle Hosting, Moodle Customisation and Moodle Web Design in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart in South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and Australian Capital Territory.

We understand the pedagogical and technical aspects of learning management systems and can provide you with all the services needed to install, setup and maintain your Moodle Learning Management System web site.

10 Reasons Why You Want to Use the Moodle Learning Management System and WebCare:

#1. Moodle is Easy to Use

Moodle uses a familiar icons which help with the learning curve. For example, you can include a quiz in a given topic by choosing from the list of activities under the activity menu.  You don't have to be a programmer in order use Moodle but you will need to invest a little time to familiarize yourself and to get the hang of navigating through the Moodle environment. But, don’t worry, if you have questions or need help, WebCare is here for you.

#2. The Moodle Learning Management System Software is Free

Moodle is “Open Source” software, which means that it can be downloaded and installed free.  It also means it has an extensive development network of people continually working to improve it, and then contributing additional functionalities and ideas to the ‘common pool’.

While Moodle itself is free, it does require set up, design and functional customisation.  It works perfectly well as is, but most clients want to create a ‘look and feel’ that reflects their organization and brand.

WebCare Solutions offer a range of Moodle-related services including:

  Installation (Download Moodle) to a location where you want it hosted 
  Customization – customizing the look of your Moodle site to your design requirements
  Configuration – configuring the settings within Moodle to deliver training in the way you specify
  Setup of various functionalities, such as integrating payment gateways (such as PayPal) so students can pay, or to be able to process group enrolments internally
  Moodle web hosting 
  Course design and development (accredited and non-accredited)
  Ongoing course management
  Maintenance packages

#3. The Moodle Learning Management System is Intuitive

Due to its ease of use, many of its functions are geared toward student learning thus Moodle was designed with educators in mind. With the vast array of options to enhance learning, teachers find it very helpful. Moodle's intuitive features like resource and activity pull down list make course creation a quick and easy. Moreover, there are nearly endless options offered in Moodle that you can use for students' activity.

#4. Moodle is Feature Rich

Moodle has an endless list of resources and activities. You can choose various methods for enrolling people. For example, you can assign an "enrollment key" to filter away those users who are not supposed to be included in the class. You can also assign your students into groups. With resources, you can create links to any content rich sites outside Moodle without leaving its environment or opening a new browser (though it can be done as an option). Some of the many activities found in the list forum are quiz, wiki, and workshop. You have to explore Moodle to appreciate its wonderful features for student-centred learning.

For a more in depth look at the features, view our Moodle Features page.

#5. Moodle has Pedagogies

Usually in the creation of educational software, nobody asked what learning framework should be its guide. Unfortunately, most commercial software is geared towards how many features it offers rather than addressing the obvious. How will the students learn while using it? In the Moodle Learning Management System constructivism, social constructivism, and connectedness are used for its pedagogy. Therefore, knowledge can be built and developed through constant interaction and cooperation, and learners are immersed during the process.

See an example of pedagogies on our Moodle Screenshots page.

#6. Moodle is Student-Centered/Active Learning

Many believed that learning occurs in the structured set-up wherein there are classroom, teacher, and a group of students. Inside the classroom, the usual approach is the teacher gives a lecture, a quiz and homework and then the students listen, answer the quiz and prepare for homework. Using Moodle gives instructors another alternative for students to learn independently and interdependently by giving them the opportunity to study online. This makes Moodle perfect for businesses that provide training to the public as well as organisations for their intercompany training programs.

#7. Moodle gives Instant Feedback

The Moodle Learning Management System can eliminate the need for you to manually correct certain assessment types. Students can view their grades and results almost instantly. All teachers need to do is to assign how students are to be assessed and just choose an option of points (let's say the total score for an activity is ten or one hundred). When teachers and students are all simultaneously logged in, they can give and read their comments and replies using chat and forums in real time.

#8. Moodle has Integrated Modules

The learning resources, activities and features are modular which means it can stand alone but they are also designed to complement each other. For example, resources like text and web page can be complemented by uploading files like podcasts or videos to enhance the learning experience of your students.

Take a look at just some of the modules available in Moodle.

#9. Moodle is Multi-functional

The Moodle environment offers feature rich elements starting with the block elements like calendar, student activities and text and activities like chat and forum, and wikis. Since it is not exclusive unlike commercial software, Moodle supports operating systems like Linux and Unix. Moodle can be used also as a project collaboration site, news website, school portal, and the list of possible uses is limited only by the user’s imagination.

#10. Moodle is Interactive

Moodle is designed to engage learners to participate and collaborate with one another. Elements like chat and forums are there to instill the value of active participation and self-initiative. Projects like wiki and workshop helps learners to study the inner workings of the ideas found in a lesson and to study it with others interdependently.

If you would like to experience a Moodle Learning Management System for yourself have a walk through the Moodle demonstration:

1)Go to Moodle
2)Scroll down to the Demonstration site section
3)Click on the blue link “Demonstration site”

Please bear in mind that the demo is a default Moodle installation and is not customised.

All our services are covered by Service Level Agreements, which are individually tailored to your requirements.

Contact Us with Your Questions

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